Task Management | Product Category

Task management software is designed to help individuals and teams organise, prioritise and complete specific tasks, either as part of a project or stand-alone to-do items. Task …

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eCommerce | Product Category

eCommerce software enables anyone to set up their own online retail store. Whether you want to expand your existing bricks-and-mortar shop to the web, or will operate …

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Payroll Software | Product Category

Payroll software comes in two basic forms - dedicated payroll software, which often comes with some HR management functionality, and online accounting software packages with payroll modules. …

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Internet Security | Product Category

Antivirus software detects, prevents, and removes malicious viruses, malware, spyware and similar unwanted software from computers, and provides a range of other security measures to prevent data theft and …

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Business Insurance | Product Category

Our recommended business insurance providers include comparison websites, insurance brokers, and insurance companies. Business insurance is an essential consideration for businesses of all types and sizes. Employers' Liability …

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Workplace Pensions | Product Category

Workplace Pensions will become mandatory for all employers in the UK by February 2018, under the "Automatic Enrolment" scheme. Auto enrolment is administered by the Pensions Regulator, …

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Customer Service | Product Category

Cloud-based customer service software enables businesses of any size to communicate directly with customers and potential customers, to answer queries and solve problems. Typical support features include live …

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Online Training | Product Category

Online Training is a convenient and cost effective way for employers to provide skills training and development opportunities. Also referred to as e-learning, computer based training (CBT), …

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Electronic Signatures | Product Category

Electronic signature software enables remote signing of documents by customers or other parties. It is available for any sized business to improve document turnaround and security. Electronic …

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Printing Services | Product Category

Online business printing services have developed rapidly in the last few years, with a full range of printed business products and materials now available to order online. …

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