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Best Domain Name Registrars (2017)

Secure your digital business identity

Registering internet domain names is a simple process, but obtaining your desired name is not always so straightforward.

Domain NamesCompanies who sell domain names - “domain registrars” - usually offer additional services such as email and web hosting, and domain names can be provided ‘free’ with some packages of services. Common domain-related services include WHOIS privacy, to protect domain contact details, and backordering, for unavailable domains which may expire.

The domain name industry is highly competitive and many domain registrars offer discounted prices when first registering domain names. It is important to note that the full price usually applies when renewing the domain after the first year.

We've included highly rated domain name registrars with a good reputation and are either based in the UK or have a local presence here.

123 Reg Domains

(4.3/5 from 4201 reviews)

The UK’s #1 domain registrar

Thanks to our great prices and fantastic customer support, we have registered over 3.5 million domain names, and over 1.7 million websites are trusted with us everyday. | View Profile

.COM: £11.99/year     .CO.UK: £7.99/year

Tsohost Domains

(4.7/5 from 758 reviews)

Secure your perfect domain name with Tsohost

At Tsohost we manage over 125,000 domains and 700+ extensions, from .com to .pw. With years of domains experience, we're confident in saying you will not find any other UK registrar who can match the low prices, brilliant support and extensive domain management features that we offer to every customer as standard. | View Profile

.COM: £11.99/year     .CO.UK: £7.19/year

GoDaddy Domains

(4.3/5 from 2615 reviews)

Find your perfect domain name

You can’t have a website without a domain name. Like a street address that tells people where you live, a domain helps customers drive directly to your website. We can help you find one you’ll love. | View Profile

.COM: £10.99/year     .CO.UK: £7.99/year

Vidahost Domains

(4.7/5 from 355 reviews)

Domain registration - where your adventure starts

Vidahost Domains has a huge choice of domains. With more domain extensions available than anywhere else, we make it simpler to find your ideal Domain Name. | View Profile

.COM: £9.99/year     .CO.UK: £5.99/year

Fasthosts Domains

(3/5 from 1776 reviews)

Complete domain control

With our powerful web based system you’ll have 100% domain control using your web browser, making domain management child’s play. You’ll also have complete access to our leading website hosting and email features. | View Profile

.COM: £10.99/year     .CO.UK: £6.99/year

Easyspace Domains

(3.5/5 from 844 reviews)

The foundation to your online presence

Buy your domain names from Easyspace and you will receive a number of excellent domain features as well as giving yourself access to popular upgrade/add-on features to enhance your online presence. | View Profile

.COM: £10.24/year     .CO.UK: £7.49/year

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