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Human Resources Software | BusinessKitbag.comOnline HR management software systems, also called HRMS (Human Resource Management System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System), provide tools for HR administration and management tasks. These include employee contact and employment details, holidays and sickness absence, pay and entitlements, performance appraisal, document storage, training records, planning & scheduling, and recruitment.

HR software designed to tame your HR chaos

We developed breatheHR to meet the needs of growing businesses who need to escape the admin of managing their people. We know what it’s like to manage a team and our goal is to let you escape from the HR admin so you can focus on growing your business. | View Profile

Your HR, simplified

CakeHR helps companies solve their HR challenges and lets them focus on building their business. Our all-in-one HR app has everything a company needs to effectively handle their HR processes. | View Profile

HR Software for companies where people matter

People is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. It’s us giving you the stuff we never had but wished we did. It’s a revolution, and we’re proud to have started it. | View Profile

The only HR software you need

HR is for the people, not the paperwork. That's why we created BambooHR: the online Human Resources Information System that makes time for the work you were meant to do. But change can be hard. So here's our promise: BambooHR guarantees your success when changing from spreadsheets to our intuitive online HR software. | View Profile


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Think brilliant people management software

We’re blazing a trail for brilliant workplace cultures, by providing your business with HR software to help you deal with those everyday tasks, so you can become part of this cultural shift. Our solution enables you to effortlessly implement HR admin processes, from logging sickness and tracking lateness through to running reports and managing employee documents. | View Profile

Natural HR

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The complete HR solution – for the price of an HR database

Natural HR allows you to perform all the basic and complex HR functions. From employee contact information, emergency contacts, assistance with tracking time off, training and performance - you can be assured the information you want will always be just a click away. With all that vital information at your fingertips, you can truly turn your employees into a competitive advantage through reporting and business analytics. | View Profile

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