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Best UK Online Legal Services (2017)

Accessible and affordable web-based legal documents and advice

The digital age is finally catching up with the legal profession, with a range of legal services now available online.

Online Legal ServicesEvery business needs to consider legal matters, and using law firms has always been viewed as an expensive necessity. Fortunately, there are now some legal practitioners supplying services online, making them more affordable and convenient.

These services may not replace the need to consult with a solicitor for certain situations, however can reduce costs and complexity for more mundane matters such as straightforward common business documents.

Online legal services cover two main areas: legal documents such as contracts, agreements, forms, and policies, and legal advice. Documents services may also include checking by a solicitor, or can be just a template which may be modified to suit your needs.

Expert Answers

(4.8/5 from 47 reviews)

Legal advice online from solicitors online

Expert Answers changes the way you can get legal advice online by giving you access to qualified solicitors online. You can ask a legal question 24 hours a day and get an answer from a solicitor (usually) in minutes. | View Profile

Services: Advice     Price Range: From £10 per question

Net Lawman

(4/5 from 16 reviews)

Manage more legal matters yourself

Net Lawman provides legal document templates and law related services to individuals and businesses who are looking for an alternative to using a traditional firm of lawyers. | View Profile

Services: Documents     Price Range: From £5 per document


(Not yet rated)

The easiest way to access convenient, expert and affordable legal documents and advice

MyLawyer is a new kind of legal service. We're online, so we offer you an alternative to the high street solicitor; there are no stuffy offices or costly or inconvenient meetings to attend. We simply give you a straightforward, affordable and convenient way to get expert legal advice and documents. | View Profile

Services: Documents & Advice     Price Range: From £20/month


(4.8/5 from 64 reviews)

Simple law for small companies

We have stripped out the marble hallways, the mahogany boardrooms and the expensive front of house. We believe the law is for everybody and the design of our organisation is based upon giving the best possible service and advice to our customers at a price they can afford. | View Profile

Services: Documents & Advice     Price Range: From £16 per document

SEQ Legal

(Not yet rated)

Template contracts for business

We supply downloadable template legal agreements and other legal documents relating to business, employment, media and technology. | View Profile

Services: Documents     Price Range: From £5 per document


(Not enough ratings yet)

Easy legal forms in minutes

LawDepot lets you easily customise legal documents. Whether you are interested in protecting your estate, managing a rental property, setting up a business, or any other situation requiring legal forms, LawDepot's extensive library of documents and legal resources are able to assist you with your legal needs. | View Profile

Services: Documents     Price Range: From £7 per document

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