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Best Social Media Software (2017)

Optimise your business’s social network presence with social media management tools

Social media management tools provide a central place to manage all of your business social media profiles, without having to log into each service separately. For small businesses this saves time, reduces risk, and significantly improves social media exposure.

Social Media Management SoftwareMost social media software tools have scheduling capability, which means you can queue content in advance to cover a period of time and post at optimum times to reach your audience.

Analytics information give you a way of measuring the impact of your posts, and collaboration capability allows you to share the workload with others on your team.

As well as managing outbound content, social media management software also helps you see and respond quickly to inbound messages from followers, monitor when your brand is mentioned or discussed online, and perform other ‘social listening’ for key phrases or competitors.

Sprout Social

(3.8/5 from 154 reviews)

Save time & do more with Sprout Social

With the right tools, any small business, no matter the size, can extract real value out of social engagement, publishing and analytics. | View Profile

Price Range: From $59/user/mth     Free Trial: 30 days


(4.1/5 from 520 reviews)

Get serious about social

Grow and engage your audience using Hootsuite's robust social media listening tools. You'll always be up to date and truly connected to your customer base. | View Profile

Price Range: Free | From $14.99/mth     Free Trial: 30 days


(4.3/5 from 235 reviews)

A better way to share on social media

Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement and save time on social media.Buffer helps you reach your audience at the right times, driving more clicks on your posts and traffic to your site. | View Profile

Price Range: From US$10/month     Free Trial: Free plan


(4.1/5 from 81 reviews)

The B2B social media management platform

Today's B2B marketers need to generate leads and measure the business value of their work. Oktopost tracks each lead you generate, and provides the analytics to understand which networks, profiles, and posts are most effective. | View Profile

Price Range: From US$200/mth     Free Trial: 30 days


(4.2/5 from 521 reviews)

Simple & affordable social media management

AgoraPulse combines ease of use with powerful features to make sure you can get fast results with your social media efforts. Save time and focus on the bottom line! | View Profile

Price Range: From €49/month     Free Trial: 14 days

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