Payroll Software | Product Category

Payroll software comes in two basic forms - dedicated payroll software, which often comes with some HR management functionality, and online accounting software packages with payroll modules. …

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Business Insurance | Product Category

Our recommended business insurance providers include comparison websites, insurance brokers, and insurance companies. Business insurance is an essential consideration for businesses of all types and sizes. Employers' Liability …

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Workplace Pensions | Product Category

Workplace Pensions will become mandatory for all employers in the UK by February 2018, under the "Automatic Enrolment" scheme. Auto enrolment is administered by the Pensions Regulator, …

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Electronic Signatures | Product Category

Electronic signature software enables remote signing of documents by customers or other parties. It is available for any sized business to improve document turnaround and security. Electronic …

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Business Planning | Product Category

Business planning software helps entrepreneurs to focus on defining the 'what' and 'how' of their new business, assemble important financial and operating details, and be in a position to …

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Online Legal Services | Product Category

The digital age is finally catching up with the legal profession, with a range of legal services now available online. Every business needs to consider legal matters, and using …

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Accounting Software | Product Category

Online accounting software is ideal for smaller business, with web access and often companion mobile apps, business owners can keep tabs on their financial position, capture expense details, and …

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Online Accountants | Product Category

Online accountants can attend to your business accounts and tax obligations, along with the full range of services offered by traditional accountancy firms. Most online accountants offer a range …

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Business Finance | Product Category

Business finance of some kind is a necessity for many businesses, to provide working capital, purchase equipment, improve cashflow, expand operations, or establish new ventures. The financial …

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Time Tracking | Product Category

"Time is money" goes the familiar saying. This is no truer than for professions and businesses selling their skills and expertise to clients on an hourly or …

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