Task Management | Product Category

Task management software is designed to help individuals and teams organise, prioritise and complete specific tasks, either as part of a project or stand-alone to-do items. Task …

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Payroll Software | Product Category

Staff are the lifeblood of most businesses, and dealing with payroll is essential to do things right first time as well as meet tax and other legal …

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Workplace Pensions | Product Category

Workplace Pensions will become mandatory for all employers in the UK by February 2018, under the "Automatic Enrolment" scheme. Auto enrolment is administered by the Pensions Regulator, …

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Online Training | Product Category

Online Training is a convenient and cost effective way for employers to provide skills training and development opportunities, and for self-employed business owners to update and acquire …

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Freelance Marketplaces | Product Category

Freelance marketplaces are online hiring platforms that give businesses (‘buyers’) instant access to freelance service providers (‘sellers’) across many disciplines, and from around the world. Hiring a freelancer …

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Business Planning | Product Category

Business planning software helps entrepreneurs to focus on defining the 'what' and 'how' of their new business, assemble important financial and operating details, and be in a position to …

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Project Management | Product Category

For smaller businesses, online project management software packages offer an affordable way to plan and control workflows, as well as track progress and time. Small businesses often …

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HR Management Software | Product Category

Online HR management software systems, also called HRMS (Human Resource Management System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System), provide tools for HR administration and management tasks. These include …

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Online Legal Services | Product Category

The digital age is finally catching up with the legal profession, with a range of legal services now available online. Every business needs to consider legal matters, and using …

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Time Tracking | Product Category

"Time is money" goes the familiar saying. This is no truer than for professions and businesses selling their skills and expertise to clients on an hourly or …

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