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comparethemarket.com is best known for offering an independent and impartial comparison on car, energy and home insurance products but we do a whole lot more besides. From van and bike prices to pets and home insurance, utilities to broadband and mobile phones, life insurance and financial products too. We've always got you covered. All this and more, in a few quick clicks.

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As you might have guessed, here at comparethemarket.com we like comparing things, so we want to make it easy to compare every kind of product that you might need to.

Most people have got used to being able to compare prices for things in their home lives, whether it’s car insurance, house insurance, energy prices or phone deals. But if you run a small business it’s not always as easy to compare prices for the things you need, especially business insurance. We didn’t think that was good enough, so that’s why we now have a whole section devoted to comparing the business insurance policies that small companies most commonly need.

There are lots of kinds of business insurance available, and what you need will depend on the kind of work you do.

Business Insurance Categories

  • Professional indemnity insurance.
  • Public liability insurance.
  • Employers’ liability insurance.
  • Business contents insurance.
  • Business travel insurance.
  • Single trip business insurance.
  • Van insurance.
  • Office insurance.
  • Pub insurance.
  • Shop insurance.
  • Cafe insurance.
  • Restaurant insurance.
  • Landlord insurance.
  • Guest house insurance.

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In general, if the risk exists, the chances are there will be an insurance provider who will cover it. That’s why it’s worth spending the time to properly evaluate the risks that your business faces is so important.

No two businesses are the same and therefore no two sets of cover are identical. With such a myriad of different types of insurance it’s understandable that you may feel slightly over-awed or fearful of the costs.

Don’t be.

It can often save you a lot of money by comparing and buying these insurances separately. Although often considered easier, bundling can result in higher monthly premiums. Comparing insurance today couldn’t be easier so start a quote with us today and see how much you could save.

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