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Starting a business is hard enough without having to learn the art and science of writing an accurate business plan. That's why we created Enloop. Our patented, innovative system does the heavy lifting for you - entirely in the cloud, safe & secure, and ready to use whenever or wherever you need to work on your plans.

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  • AutoWrite™ your plan: Get a jump start on writing your plan with Enloop’s AutoWrite™ feature. Our patented system automatically generates basic text for each important section of your plan. You can edit the text, delete it entirely or add your own text. Your text will stay in sync with your data with Enloop’s groundbreakingTextSync™ feature.
  • Automated Financial Forecasts: One of the most challenging parts of completing a business plan is in creating accurate financial forecasts. That’s why Enloop does it for you.Based on your inputs, Enloop automatically generates Sales, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet forecasts on-the-fly.
  • Invite & Share: The more minds working together, the better the result. Enloop makes this easy by letting you invite anyone to view, contribute or edit any of your business plans.
  • Beautiful Charts: Make your data come alive. Enloop generates sharp, accurate graphs for all key reports in your plan. You can include them all, or pick and choose which are most appropriate to support your document.
  • The EPS™ Score: Say hello to EPS™ — the Enloop Performance Score™. This patented feature provides a FICO-like score* for your business plan, updated on-screen while you’re working on it. The score changes with your inputs, rewarding good planning and discouraging poor planning. (*FICO is a US consumer credit risk score.)
  • Report Card: Just like in school, we give you a report card that evaluates your company’s forecasted performance. We test your plan in three critical areas: your overall score, three important financial metrics, and then check to make sure your business is always cash-flow positive. If you pass all three of these tests, you’ll receive a Performance Certificate with a verification number that a banker or investor can use to verify your score.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Our international users can select from 100+ worldwide currency formats to be used in their business plans, financial forecasts and TextSync™. Each currency symbol includes customary local number formatting for every country.

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Free & Easy: 1 plan, 1 user | Basic: US$9.95/month; 3 plans, 3 users, charts, PDF | Advanced: $19.95/month; 5 plans, 5 users, 3 ratios, AutoWrite™, TextSync™ | Professional: $39.95/month; unlimited plans, unlimited users, 16 ratios, live phone support.

Discounts: Annual subscription discounts (40%+).

Trial/Warranty: Unlimited use with Free & Easy plan.

Other Costs: None.

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