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EKM is built with your business in mind. You’ll get access to everything you need to build and run a successful online shop - from beautiful design tools to powerful order processing features.


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p About EKM

When you think of starting an Ecommerce shop, the first name on most people’s lips is Shopify, who have dominated the Ecommerce space for years.

EKM is intent on changing all that with their in class-beating alternative to Shopify. Their mission is to take market share from Shopify and become the No 1 choice for customers globally wanting to start an online shop. They have made a fantastic start and claim that an estimated one in five online shops in the UK is powered by EKM.

EKM’s Mission Statement:

“To be the world’s best Ecommerce platform for anyone to run a successful online business”

EKM report that they onboard around 1000 new customers each month and have helped more than 80,000 businesses start globally. They currently power 50,000 shops and have 80 employees.

Founder Antony Chesworth invested in a Google-style  £3.5 million new office upgrade for the EKM staff in Darwen, Lancashire in 2017. All strong signals that EKM has a comfortable footing and are only growing stronger.

They have some impressive names on their books including ITV, Lotus, PGA Golf and Michelin.

Their bread and butter though is the small business community. Here are some examples of some current shops using EKM:

EKM isn’t a newcomer on the e-commerce scene. The company was started in Lancashire in 2002 by Antony Chesworth. He had the vision of how big Ecommerce would become and designed a SAAS (software-as-a-service) product to meet that need.

Improvements in technology, payment processing, and internet speeds have helped to accelerate EKM’s growth. Today they describe themselves as the UK’s biggest Ecommerce platform.

EKM 2019 homepage

Why Chose EKM to start your online shop?

Here at BusinessKitbag, we have years of experience between us about websites, SAAS products, and Ecommerce and we have to say EKM has really excited us.

The product appeals to a wide variety of customers. What you get here is everything taken care of, all you need to get your shop online.

Many customers will be arriving with no knowledge of how to get started or any information about SEO or building websites and the beauty here is, you don’t have to. The service is simple and is a one-stop solution to getting your store launched. It is a fully hosted eCommerce platform, run on its own servers for speed and security, with all the features you need to launch a cutting edge eCommerce business.

On logging in to your store’s back end, you are walked through an easy to follow step-by-step process to get your store up and running. The dashboard leads you towards colour coded tabs about your shop’s performance, orders, and features.

Clearly, a large investment has been made into making the product clear with excellent user experience as key.

We like that Antony Chesworth introduced the "Mum Test"; designed to test just how user proof getting a website up and running is. In his view, if his self-described technophobe Mum can do it, anyone can.

It means this product is especially useful for absolute newcomers.

If that’s not reassuring enough for you, in our opinion what holds EKM above the competition is the customer service they offer. It is second to none.

EKM Customer Service

Start a store with Shopify and you’re on your own. If you need help, it’s traditional helpdesk style requests and you’re in a queue. Or if you’re looking for answers, it’s the community, blog or knowledge base that will help you.

Like any SAAS company, EKM offers those support services too but the real jewel in the crown is the ACTUAL customer service it offers. The sort where you pick up a phone and get help with a LOCAL person who can access your account and help you with your query. If talking on the phone is not your favourite way to communicate, their live chat service is instant and the person I spoke with understood my query perfectly, was very helpful and I was dealt with quickly.

In our opinion, the main benefit of using EKM is being assigned a dedicated account manager on sign up, even at their entry-level price plan.

EKM Account Managers

Your dedicated account manager offers you the following assistance:

  • They help you choose the best template/theme for your business.
  • Help you create a logo using the inbuilt logo creation tool.
  • Assist with adding or importing your products.
  • They can register or transfer your chosen domain name.
  • They give SEO advice to help you get ranked organically on search engines and also about paid advertising including Facebook ads and Pay Per Click with Google Adwords.
  • They help set up your payment and delivery methods.
  • On hand consultancy advice, whenever you need it.

Another helpful feature EKM have delivered is the ability to share screens with your account manager so they can see exactly what you can. They want your shop to be as much of a success as you do so have put in place all the help you need to make this happen.

More reasons to choose EKM

Another feature we like from EKM is they have made the business decision to offer all features across all plans. This makes perfect sense to us. Starting out, you’re starting from a base of nothing, so having all the tools at your disposal in imperative. You will not get this advantage with other Ecommerce providers.

Relatively new to EKM is what they call their evolution mode. This a process whereby your site is reviewed and improvements recommend to help it convert better or perform better on search engines. Recommendations can be anything from a theme change, if the site is a few years old, to colour consistency throughout the site to spelling errors, broken links and updating meta data. This ensures your site is consistently the best it can be. EKM automatically review each site every 12 months, recommendations are made and communicated to the site owner and are implemented without you having to do anything. If you are on a more advanced plan, your site is reviewed more frequently. On the Pro plan, this occurs monthly. You do not get this level of service or care with any other Ecommerce provider.

EKM have monitored trends amongst the 80,000 shops they have powered and are using this data to know what makes a website more successful and are passing this information on to their customers.

This comes down to EKMs core value of wanting to make every shop a success. They recognise that your shop is competing with the big boys like eBay or Amazon and want to give it every chance to flourish.  It makes perfect sense, the more successful your shop is, the more likely you’ll keep your subscription going with EKM. It’s a win/win.

What's included in an EKM subscription?

EKM offer 3 price plans for their customers. Regardless of which plan you’re on you have access to all their key essential features. These include:

  • Your Own Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Evolution Mode
  • Payments Included
  • Fast Servers
  • No Transaction Fees
  • UK Support
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • No Contract

Other Essential Features

  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Shop Health Analytics
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Email Marketing
  • eBay Integration
  • Your Own 0333 Number
  • Product Filters
  • Responsive Themes
  • Back In Stock Notifier
  • Google Tools
  • Related Products
  • Loyalty Points
  • Product Attributes
  • Card Logos
  • Advanced Inventory Manager
  • Promo Stickers
  • Logo & Image Builder
  • Discount Management
  • Blog
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Search Statistics
  • Product Image Zoom
  • Customer Reviews
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Social Plugins
  • Powerful Product Search

You do get more for your money as the plan price increases. This includes priority support, unlimited products, a high performing server, and more regular evolution mode reviews.

That said, even at the basic plan level, you have all you need to get your store launched and start growing.

Like most other SAAS providers, EKM offers a free trial. Their standard trial is 14 days but using our exclusive link you will get an extended 28-day free trial.

EKM Themes

EKM 2019 themes

Your site is only as good as the theme it is built on. Gone are the days that consumers tolerate ugly, poorly functioning websites. Consumers expect cutting edge web design and flawless user experience. For one thing, a website with good user experience will increase sale conversions and for another, the more professional it looks, the more trust that consumer will have and in turn will be more likely to buy. If there is any concern that a website is not 100% legit, the consumer will walk away. The look and feel of the website will determine whether your customer stays and buys or leaves.

Another important factor in determining the look and feel of a website, is whether or not it is responsive, that is to say, the page renders across all devices and delivers a beautiful experience no matter how you are viewing it.

With more and more online shopping done via mobile or tablet, this feature is crucial. All the themes EKM produce are responsive and function beautifully across all devices.

We love that EKM fully understand this and make all themes free, unlike their nearest competitor Shopify who charge for more than just a basic theme with limited functionality.

No two shops have exactly the same needs so EKM have designed a vast range of themes, more than 150, to offer massive choice. These themes are templates to work from and are fully customisable to work with your brand.

The functionality of how to select your theme is straightforward and you can easily understand how to make the alterations that suit your needs.

EKM have created mobile-responsive themes for some years, and now all their themes are fully responsive.

EKM 2019 responsive themes


The themes that EKM produce are everything they need to be to able to compete on the world stage.


In our experience, some website builder platforms have been very rigid in what on-page SEO controls you have. We are pleased to learn that with EKM this is not the case.

EKM is very SEO friendly. This includes customisable meta tags, automatic canonical tags where needed, alt text on images, keyword friendly URLs, XML sitemap generation and updates, responsive themes including schema markup and H1 tags to ensure that your site is search engine friendly.

EKM Trust Signals

It goes without saying that the more trust signals a site has, the better. It gives the consumer confidence in the product. This will be true for your own Ecommerce enterprise as it is for EKM themselves.

Looking at EKM’s Truspilot ratings, it demonstrates their customers are delighted with their experience of using EKM. 88% give the service 5 stars and a glowing write-up. Unsurprisingly a big factor in their success is the customer service they offer.

Like most SAAS software providers, EKM are happy to pu their money where their mouth is and offer a 14 day free trial of their service before you commit.

Click here for a 28 day free trial, not available through EKM direct

How to take payments on your EKM shop

EKM partner with all the major payment gateway providers including:

  • Klarna
  • PayPal
  • WorldPay
  • Amazon Payments
  • SagePay
  • Barclaycard
  • HSBC
  • Nochex
  • Skrill

EKM offers a multi currency option so it’s possible to take your business global.

Security is paramount at EKM. Only PCI compliant payments are accepted minimising the risk of fraudulent transactions. This provides assurance that you and your customers are protected.

Each EKM site is issued with an SSL certificate which will instil trust in your customers that you are fully secure.

Klarna provide the facility for all shops to accept credit cards. There is a transaction fee which differs according to the plan you are on. Transaction fees are standard across any payment gateway. The fee covers the facility cost and the assumed risk cost.

Klarna Transaction Fees

Basic plan - 2.49% per transaction

Standard plan - 2.19% per transaction

Advanced plan - 1.99% per transaction

There is no initial set up fee and no ongoing monthly fee.

EKM themselves do not take a transaction fee, which is a refreshing change to other Ecommerce providers who take a fee on top of the payment gateway fee.


More about Klarna

EKM 2019 Klarna paymentsKlarna are a Scandinavian company and a modern alternative to Worldpay or SagePay with their aim being to make the checkout process as slick as possible for the purchaser, removing friction to maximise sales.

The checkout is clean and simple with only the necessary details collected from the customer. It means a hassle free experience and less likelihood of cart abandonment.

Klarna carry 100% of the risk so you never have to worry about fraudulent payments.

There is flexibility too. You can offer your customers a pay after delivery option. Your customer the has 14 days to settle the payment direct with Klarna. You get paid as per a normal transaction, 3 working days following the transaction.

Other useful Info about EKM

Already with another provider? EKM have in house experts to migrate your existing eCommerce store for free.

User Support from EKM

As previously mentioned the No 1 way EKM support their customers is through their account managers. As a new customer, you are assigned a dedicated account manager for the first 6 months who is your point of contact to get your venture off the ground. After that period, should you want to speak to someone, their account managers are on hand to give you advice.

As for other support methods, they offer live chat, heldesk support for less pressing issues, community forum, video guides on their website and an excellent knowledgebase

IS EKM for me?

EKM is for you if:

  • You want the benefits and convenience of UK-based support.
  • New to Ecommerce - you get assigned your own account manager to get you started.
  • Already using an Ecommerce platform but want to lose extra fees for themes, analytics, live chat and transaction charges.
  • Free implemented recommendations to maximise conversations and marketing efforts.

Start your EKM 28 day free trial now

b Features & Options of EKM

  • Design: With the choice of a huge range of Ecommerce themes designed with your needs in mind, creating a beautiful shop couldn’t be easier.
  • Building: Add your products effortlessly. Upload an image, set a price and add a description with a few clicks.
  • Marketing: Your online shop is built with search engines like Google in mind to help you get seen above your competitors.
  • Live Chat: Add live chat to your shop in just one click to answer customer questions, start conversations with browsing customers, or view customer activity on your shop.
  • Payments: EKM is a complete Ecommerce solution with payments included. No extra setup required.
  • Orders: Stay organised and manage your customers and orders in one place.
  • Hosting: EKM is run on its own secure servers so you can have peace of mind knowing your shop will always be online.
  • Support: UK-based support team is available to answer your questions and solve your problems via phone, email or chat.

EKM Pricing

EKM Pricing Plans:

Annual plans, pay for 11 months, receive 12

  • Basic: One user account, basic account manager, domain name, SSL certificate, up to 500 products, UK based support. Up to £50k in online sales per year.

Per Month, No Contract:   £32.49 + VAT/month

  • Standard: Up to 5 users, account manager, domain name, SSL certificate, unlimited products, UK based priority support.Up to £50k in online sales per year.

Per Month, No Contract:   £64.99 + VAT/month

  • Advanced: Up to 15 users, e-commerce Consultant, domain name, SSL certificate, unlimited products, 24/7 UK based emergency support. Up to £1m in online sales per year

Per Month, No Contract:   £194.99 + VAT/month

  • EKM Pro: Unlimited products, Done for you shop build, strategic account manager, marketing account manager, exclusive payment rates.

Per Month, No Contract:   £549.99 + VAT/month


  •  Standard 14 day free trial
  • Extended 28 day trial with our exclusive link.
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