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Who said it had to be hard to find a good designer or developer?

Crew is a website that connects people working on projects with handpicked, screened creative professionals in the mobile & web industry. The goal of Crew is to ensure that the right project find the hands of the right professional, every single time.

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b Features & Options of Crew

  • How Crew Works: You have a project that needs high-quality creative work. We have a network of handpicked and vetted professionals who are ready to get their hands dirty. We find you a match and ensure the process is smooth from beginning to end. The best applicants. No recruiters. No worries.
  • Submission Process: Get an Estimate on Crew is easy and takes less than five minutes. You can submit a project for iPhone or Android app development, design a logo or app icon, redesign a website, update copywriting for a marketing brochure, and much more!
  • Selection Process: Once you’ve submitted your project, we’ll match you with a handpicked professional from our community in under 48 hours. The goal of Crew is to ensure that each project finds the right professional, every single time. There’s no second-best on Crew!
  • Contracts & Legal: Developing a contract that protects both sides is one of the most daunting tasks in any project. Luckily, every project on Crew starts with a built-in set of agreements, including IP ownership, contract termination, non-disclosure agreements, ownership of assets, and basic dispute resolution.
  • Types of Services: Websites, Apps, UI/UX, Branding.

Crew Pricing

Pricing: Before any work begins on any part of a project, you’ll need to fund your project. The amount of the payment will depend on the payment schedule outlined in the agreement with your hired member. But don’t worry, your funds aren’t released to your hired member until you mark their work as complete.

Payment Methods: Crew accepts payments by credit card, by Paypal or bank wire (whichever you prefer), and we cover all transaction fees for these incoming payments.

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