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Youmanage is designed from the ground up to provide both HR and line managers all of the tools, data and guidance that they need to be effective - in one easy-to-use online service.

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p About Youmanage

Youmanage is a cloud based HR software product designed by HR experts for HR professionals and people managers alike. The easy to use interface offers all the tools people managers need to automate and streamline their HR processes, meaning a reduction in administration costs and an increase in employee productivity.

Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, Youmanage can offer a package to suit your business need. You can add the modules you need rather than paying for extra services your company doesn't require.

Youmanage say "With HR best practice and UK legislation considered at every stage, you can be confident that your organisation is both managing and treating your employees in the best possible ways."

Benefits of Using Youmanage

  • Secure and robust cloud-based employee data management
  • An online interface that's accessible anywhere
  • Standard, customisable workflow processes and case management functionality
  • Embedded guidance documentation within workflow process design capabilities
  • Configurable email/letter templates for all HR processes
  • A suite of integrated HR Management modules
  • Configurable email notifications and workflow escalation rules
  • Easy to use reporting and analytics capability
  • Regular updates to framework, documentation and content, to remain compliant with UK legislation

What makes Youmanage unique?

Youmanage case management system is completely unique; designed to make HR management easy. Your HR staff and people managers will have all of the tools and guidance that they need at every step of any HR process, to make sure that they communicate and deliver your policies and processes fairly, accurately, and in compliance with UK legislation.

Youmanage is easy to use and accessible anywhere – with all employee data secured in a robust database. Our fully customisable software has been designed to deliver all of the tools that your organisation needs to deliver best practice HR.

Youmanage say "None of our competitors have the same level of functionality that we do and we like to broadcast that we have greater functionality, for every pound spent, than any other HR software."

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b Features & Options of Youmanage

  • Core HR – intuitive and easy to use, the Core HR module provides you with a secure and robust employee database which is accessible anywhere, at any time.
  • Absence & Holidays – Holidays, absence and other leave can be costly to your organisation if they’re not managed well. Youmanage lets line managers easily manage staff resources, and plan holidays and leave using a simple, visual interface.
  • Self Service – Our unique self-service software encourages employees to be fully engaged in their personal development and appraisal process, instead of seeing it as a mere form-filling exercise. With Youmanage, employees can feel involved in their performance and their contribution to the success of your organisation.
  • Disciplinary & Grievance – this module allows users to initiate an investigation, disciplinary or grievance process and keep track of its progress over time. It also allows you to create situation-specific letters based on client-editable templates and to record witness statements, amongst many other features.
  • Performance & Development – Allows users to create objectives, competencies, development plans and summary ratings, as well as allowing them to include information such as file notes, and to track and update career goals and development plans over time.
  • Recruitment & Interviewing – Equipped with templates with criteria weightings and suggested interviewer questions, comprehensive guides on interviewing techniques and relevant diversity and equality legislation guidance.
  • Reporting & Analytics – delivers a sophisticated business intelligence tool embedded within the Youmanage platform. Our technology provides a simple and fast way to deliver relevant and compelling dashboards, reports, and analytics to all relevant users.

Youmanage Pricing

Youmanage Pricing starts from 60p/employee/month for the ‘Core’ module only. This price drops to 55p/employee/month when you have more than 100 employees.

If you add extra modules the pricing changes /employee/month:

Example 50 employees Core Module plus:

+ Absence & Holidays: £1.20/employee/month

+ Self-Service: 90p/employee/month

+ Disciplinary & Grievance:  90p/employee/month

+ Recruitment & Interviewing:  £1.20/employee/month

+ Performance & Development: £1.20/employee/month

Select the modules you need for the number of employees you have and receive a quote to fit your business requirement.

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