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Protection against online threats, ransomware, hackers, malware

Online security threats are serious. Hackers, malware and spam can sneak in and disrupt your business, costing you time, money and maybe even customers. Worst case, they can take down your business completely. Our AVG Internet Security Business Edition reduces the chances of that happening by protecting your business PCs, network, file server and email against the latest online threats.

- AVG Internet Security

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b Features & Options of AVG Internet Security

  • Network Antivirus: Guards against the latest threats – actively checks web pages before click-through and alerts if anything suspicious is detected.
  • File Shredder: Permanently delete unwanted files securely – deletes files to help prevent unintended recovery.
  • Ransomware Protection: Combines static and behavioural tests, sandboxing, and other techniques for protection against cyber criminals.
  • Smart Scanner: Smart Scanner never sleeps and only scans your PC when you’re not working so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Identity Protection: Shields passwords and credit card numbers.
  • Remote Management: Lets your administrator remotely install and configure AVG across your devices and network.
  • Data Safe: Encrypt & password-protect confidential business files.
  • Email Server Security: Scans email for spam and removes suspicious content, code and infected attachments.
  • Firewall: Helps protect against online security threats like spam, viruses, hackers and malware.
  • File Server Security: Protects your files and business data.
  • LinkScanner: Checks webpages before they open in your browser and displays a safety rating when open.

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Subscription Plans

1-year plans (all prices ex-VAT):

  • 1 Computer – £40.83
  • 2 Computers – £83.33
  • 3 Computers – £124.16
  • 4 Computers – £143.33
  • 5 Computers – £162.49

2-year plans attract a 50% (approx.) discount for the second year.

Trial/Warranty: 30 day free trial.

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  • PCMagazine: 4.5/5 from 1 expert review