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As qualified accountants we spend our time on the things which need our attention. We take time with you, our clients, to make sure your questions answered & that you feel confident in what you need to do and what we do for you.


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You do the bookkeeping – we do the rest:

  • Completion of your annual statutory accounts including the necessary filing at Companies House and HMRC.
  • Completion of an annual self assessment for one director being the SA100 & SA102 supplementary pages and filing at HMRC.
  • Completion of your Corporation Tax return (CT600) and filing at HMRC.
  • Online email and telephone support throughout the year to address any specific questions that you may have about your accounts.
  • Payroll, including RTI compliance, for a sole director.

We do it all – including bookkeeping:

Not only do we take care of your bookkeeping and provide everything that our monthly package includes, we also send you a monthly email summarising vital information about your limited company in particular the turnover, profit, estimated corporation tax and VAT to be budgeted for, amount available to take as dividends and your estimated income tax bill based upon your salary and dividends to date – everything you need to make sure that your personal finances and the finances of your limited company stay on track. Pricing

You do the bookkeeping – we do the rest: £54.50/month. 

We do it all – including bookkeeping: £64.50/month.

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