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From £10 per question

Legal advice online from solicitors online

Expert Answers changes the way you can get legal advice online by giving you access to qualified solicitors online. You can ask a legal question 24 hours a day and get an answer from a solicitor (usually) in minutes.

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b Features & Options of Expert Answers

  • Ask a Question: Ask a solicitor a question – be as detailed as possible.
  • Put a Value on the Answer: You decide what the answer is worth to you from £10.
  • Payment: You will be transferred to PayPal and asked to deposit the full value.
  • Our Expert Answers: You will get a response in minutes. A verified Expert will then answer your question. They may ask for more information.
  • Summary Answer: If this answers your question you can request a 100% refund!
  • Accept Full Answer: By “accepting” to view the full answer you authorise payment to the Expert. Receive free unlimited one to one with solicitors online after you accept your full answer.
  • Guarantee: Whether you are happy with your free summary answer, or you receive an unsatisfactory full answer, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Availability: Available at your convenience 24 hours a day, no appointment required.

Expert Answers Pricing

  • From £10 per question.
  • You decide how much you wish to pay for independent legal advice. You then make a ‘good faith’ payment. Your payment is held in our PayPal account and is only debited from this account by Expert Answers once you have clicked to “accept the full answer” from the Expert answering your question.

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  • Trustpilot: 9.6/10 from 47 user reviews