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Net Lawman provides legal document templates and law related services to individuals and businesses who are looking for an alternative to using a traditional firm of lawyers.

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Business Document Categories

  • Companies.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Commerce and business.
  • Sales and marketing.
  • Managing staff.
  • Ending employment.
  • Selling your business.
  • Hiring.
  • Websites.
  • Contracts for services.
  • Other business structures.

Document Review Service

  • Conduct a detailed assessment of your document.
  • Report on the legal implications of additions or changes by you.
  • Edit your text if need be so that the document complies with the law.
  • Check that your use of defined terms is correct and consistent.
  • Check that required insertions have been made correctly.
  • Provide an alternative template at no extra cost if a more suitable one exists in our library.
  • Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos and errors in formatting.

Net Lawman Pricing

Individual Document Pricing

  • Varies from £5-£79 per document.

Document Review Service

  • Price on application.

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