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High Speed Training are an online learning provider with a wide variety of courses. We serve everyone from large organisations right through to individual learners around the world, and are known for our leadership in customer service satisfaction.

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Online Training Courses for Staff:

Once you have identified a skills gap in your organisation every second that passes is a wasted opportunity or a risk to quality. With our system you can have your team learning in minutes. Delivery of compliance training is measured in hours not days. Huge numbers of users can be trained simultaneously with no logistical problems.

When you need to gain an accredited certificate, there is no easier way to learn. Our highly respected online training courses cover many areas of compliance and development. From our self-service checkout system, to our instant online certification; if you need to get your team trained quickly, we can help.

Course Categories:

  • Food Hygiene & HACCP
  • Health & Safety
  • Business Skills
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Safeguarding People
  • Financial Services
  • Personal Development

High Speed Training Pricing

Course Fees: Costs range from £15 to £150 per course.

Discounts for bulk purchases:

  • 10+ Courses 10% discount.
  • 50+ Courses 20% discount.
  • 100+ Courses 30% discount.
  • 500+ Courses 40% discount.

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  • 4.7/5 from 4658 user reviews