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When it's too important to go anywhere else

1Password keeps your digital life secure and always available, safe behind the one password only you know. 1Password Teams gives you full control over who has access to your team's most important information. Now you can share the simple security of 1Password with everyone.

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b Features & Options of 1Password

  • Password & Data Storage: Don’t forget your passwords. Or your bank account routing number. Or the alarm code for your house. 1Password safely keeps track of them all. Store everything from online accounts to social security numbers. Use tags and powerful search to quickly find what you’re looking for on any of your devices.
  • Browser Integration: 1Password is integrated into your web browser, so you can create passwords, fill in credit cards, and sign in to your online accounts with a single click.
  • Mobile Apps: Sign in to supported apps on your iPhone or iPad in a single tap, without needing to type in your username or password. Check out the hundreds of apps that love 1Password, including Safari, Slack, The Guardian, Tumblr, Kickstarter, Twitter, Ebay and more!
  • Unlimited Installations: Install 1Password on as many devices as you own, whether at home or at work.
  • Digital Wallet: Securely store your credit cards, receipts, and more, and access them on any device.
  • 1Password Watchtower: Receive around-the-clock security alerts for the services and sites that you use.
  • Advanced Encryption: Keep your data safe with our strong AES-256 encryption, which protects your sensitive information at all times.
  • Autosave & Fill: Save and fill passwords, credit cards, and addresses into webpages with a single click.
  • Helpful, One-on-One Support: Get friendly, free support from AgileBits employees whenever you need it.
  • Personal Security Suite: Use tools like Security Audit to find duplicate and weak passwords, and improve them with the Strong Password Generator.

1Password Pricing

Standard: US$4.99/user per month; Everything you need to secure and manage your team, 1 GB storage, 30 day item history | Pro: $14.99/user per month; Customisation and control for your advanced business needs, 5 GB storage, unlimited item history, custom groups.

Discounts: Discount for annual subscriptions – Standard $3.99/month, Pro $11.99/month.

Trial/Warranty: 30 day free trial.

Other Costs: None.

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(4.5/5 from 131 reviews)

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  • G2 Crowd: 4.6/5 from 102 user reviews
  • GetApp: 4.3/5 from 29 user reviews