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Don't Get Hacked. Get Keeper.

Keeper is the trusted leader in password management helping organisations manage, secure and enforce strong passwords across all employee logins, applications and sites. Employees can access Keeper natively on all mobile operating systems, desktops and browsers.

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  • Never Forget or Have to Remember Passwords Again: We hate remembering passwords. Storing your passwords on paper, in a spreadsheet or in your browser is vulnerable to cyber criminals. With Keeper, you’ll never have to remember passwords again – your passwords are stored and managed in your Keeper vault.
  • Log into Your Websites and Apps with a Touch of Your Finger: Having your passwords and confidential files at your fingertips may seem impossible, but with Keeper it’s a reality. You can use the fingerprint scanner on your mobile device to quickly log into your vault, website or application.
  • Stop Hackers with Strong Passwords: It’s a fact – the stronger your password, the better you’re protected against hackers. With a tap of the dice, Keeper creates high-strength, random passwords to protect you from cyber attacks. You can also create your own passwords and measure their strength.
  • Log into Your Sites and Apps Quickly with KeeperFill™: We all want to access our websites and mobile apps quickly without having to remember or enter passwords. KeeperFill does the work for you for fast and secure access.
  • Store More Than Just Passwords: Our digital lives consist of more than just passwords. Keeper also protects your private files, photos and videos in your digital vault. You can securely share files with other users, and have peace of mind knowing that your information is backed up in the Cloud Security Vault™.
  • Works on All Your Mobile Devices and Computers: Keeper works on every smartphone, tablet and computer. Your records automatically sync with all your devices with full online and offline access. Popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE are all supported.
  • Easy Two-Step Verification: Two-step verification provides an extra layer of security when you log into a website or application. Keeper DNA® makes two-step verification fast and simple. You can use your smartwatch and fingerprint to log into your vault.

Keeper Pricing

Personal – Free: 1 user, local password storage, single device, email support | Personal – Unlimited: £20.99/year; Unlimited password storage, devices, cloud backup, record sharing, 24/7 support | Business: £POA; admin console, unlimited devices, secure file storage.

Discounts: None.

Trial/Warranty: Free plan.

Other Costs: None.

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  • GetApp: 4.8/5 from 18 user reviews
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