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£10/user per month

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14 days

Easy online project management your team will love!

ProWorkflow is a fast, easy to use project management and time tracking solution. The application has been designed from the ground up with your most important asset in mind: Your Staff! ProWorkflow helps you keep accurate timesheet records, organise, plan, and delegate projects and tasks whilst using the timeline to have an overview of company activity.

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p About ProWorkflow

ProWorkFlow was designed by CEO and founder Julian Stone back in 2002. Like so many software products on the market, ProWorkFlow was created by a need within their own organisation for a project management and collaboration tool, so Stone designed one.

It became apparent only a year later that the software was of commercial appeal so it was rolled out as a downloadable software product for other companies to use. Today is mostly used as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product on a subscription per month, charged per user.

Today ProWorkFlow is used by customers in over 100 countries and is a fierce rival to its nearest competitors, Wrike and Teamwork Projects.

ProWorkFlow is designed to be used by freelancers, or companies of all sizes and in any industry. It enables used to collaborate on projects and have maximum transparency within an organisation.

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Best Features

ProWorkFlow has very similar features to other project management systems. By their very nature they have projects, tasks, file sharing, reporting and messaging functions included as standard.

What sets ProWorkFlow apart though are a few handy features:

  • Single page view for all projects, not scattered across a number of tabs, makes viewing all information clear and easy
  • + button on every page to be able to add a new item quickly and easily.
  • ‘All you need to know’ view as you log in to give instant awareness of what tasks you have assigned and what timeline.
  • Built in stopwatch for all users to be able to track how long they have spent on a project and then ProWorkFlow allow you to export this information to create an invoice.
  • Gantt style timeline which can be adjusted to allow for fluctuations in workflow.
  • View Info tool, which lets you view who is working on what tasks and therefore identifying where tasks can best be assigned.
  • Free access for clients or contractors via a secure user login.
  • First class support and training.
  • Buildable Hierarchy/Organisational chart which means you can manage and report on different company divisions, teams and groups.


ProWorkFlow offer 3 levels of subscription, Solo, Professional and Enterprise.

  • Solo costs £10/user/month and is ideal for freelancers. You get 10 active projects and 5 GB file storage.
  • Professional costs £20/user/month and is best for small businesses. With this plan you get unlimited projects and 25 MB file storage. You also have access to more comprehensive features and time tracking, which are not available on the Solo plan.
  • Enterprise is £30/user/month and has all the features of the Professional plan, plus full organisational chart and 50 GB of file storage.

All plans have free access for clients and contractors, available via any device with their mobile app, and all data is backed up and fully secure.


ProWorkFlow offer webinars, video library and in-app help. With the in-app help, you click on the question mark and FAQ about the page you are working on and helpful articles are suggested for you. They also have a web based help form and will come back to you within 24 hours.

Their blog is also a useful source of information and soon to be released features.

ProWorkFlow - Pros

  • Well established, highly rated software. On the platforms we monitor, they are rated 4 or 5 stars out of 5.
  • 14 day free trial available, which can be extended to 30 days.
  • Easy to use interface and clear one page project view.
  • Lots of support available which has been raved about on review sites.

ProWorkFlow - Cons

  • A bit more expensive than its main competitors
  • Time sheets and comments aren’t locked once a project is finished
  • Does not have as many integrations as some of its competitors.

b Features & Options of ProWorkflow

  • Dashboard: The Homepage contains a friendly Dashboard showing a graphical summary of your current stats for active, completed and upcoming work.
  • Timeline: View Projects and Tasks on an easy to use Gantt Style Timeline. Drag & drop on the Timeline to reschedule work easily.
  • Mobile: We designed ProWorkflow Mobile to bring the power of your ProWorkflow account to your touchscreen smartphone or tablet. As well as standard features like time tracking and task management, you can download files and keep colleagues up to date with built-in messaging.
  • Collaboration: Make sure your Projects run smoothly and your customers are up to date with comprehensive messaging features perfectly integrated with your existing emails.
  • Timesheet: Our Timesheet has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use, fast and clear. Select a task then just click & drag on the Timesheet to track time – that’s it!
  • Projects: Working on projects is made easy as all project info is kept on one organised page. This Project dashboard can be seen by assigned staff, clients and contractors and includes tasks, time, messages, files, quotes, invoices and more.
  • Task Management: Task management is easy! We have developed a powerful user friendly bulk task editor so you can quickly create & delegate tasks. Tasks can include start & due dates, time allocations, assigned staff, statuses, files, messages and more.
  • Time Tracking: Keep track of your Time Spent in the Time Summary in your Projects, or on the Time Summary page. There is a summary view in your dashboard so that you can make sure that you stay on target.
  • Contacts: The Contact manager is a central hub for all of your Contacts. Store important notes and detailed information about the companies and contacts you work with as well as tracking current Projects & Tasks.
  • Resource Management: Using the central project pages and timelines, project managers can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track of resources and deadlines. Live alerts keep project managers and stakeholders informed of all activity on projects and tasks.
  • Reporting: Standard reports provide detailed information on workload and performance as well as your Projects, Tasks, Time & financial data. Custom reports let you build your own report, select the filters and data that you need and even share the report with your team.
  • Invoices Manager (additional fee): Select a Project or Client and create an invoice from your time records or make an invoice manually with our powerful editing and item library tools. Once you’ve created your invoices you can send them direct to your clients from ProWorkflow or download them as a PDF.
  • Quotes Manager (additional fee): Use powerful editing, templating and branding tools to win business and impress your Clients. Once you’ve created your Quotes you can send them direct to your clients from ProWorkflow or download them as a PDF.

ProWorkflow Pricing

Solo: £10/user per month; Easy project/task management for individuals, 10 active projects, 5 GB file storage | Professional: £20/user per month; Comprehensive project/task and time management, unlimited projects, 25 GB file storage | Advanced: £30/user per month; Hierarchical control to manage multiple teams and groups, 50 GB file storage.

Payment Discounts: 10% discount for annual billing.

Trial/Warranty: 14 day free trial.

Other Costs: Quotes Plugin – £10/month; Invoices Plugin – £10/month.

Integrations & Add-Ons

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Zapier

Ratings Summary

(4.5/5 from 126 reviews)

Rating score is a weighted average from the following respected sources:

  • Trustpilot: 9.3/10 from 43 user reviews
  • GetApp: 4.5/5 from 39 user reviews
  • Software Advice: 4.5/5 from 18 user reviews
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 from 18 user reviews
  • G2 Crowd: 4.2/5 from 8 user reviews