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Regarded for its online project management, collaboration, and file sharing features, Smartsheet’s intuitive spreadsheet-like app is used broadly to track and manage diverse types of work including: team projects and task lists, customer information, sales pipelines, event schedules, and business processes.

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b Features & Options of Smartsheet

  • Collaboration: Share your work with other team members, or simply collaborate on a specific task, Smartsheet makes it easy. Invite people anywhere to collaborate on your entire project by sharing the sheet with them, or simply send them a row with all attachments to get updates.
  • File Sharing: Smartsheet makes it easy to share important documents and conversations, keeping them in the context of your team’s project or process. Let Smartsheet help your team work together more efficiently and stay current on all important communication and records.
  • Alerts & Reminders: With Smartsheet, you can easily set automated alerts to remind you (and others on your team) about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines. No more worrying if you’ve remembered all the details.
  • Sights: Smartsheet Sights gives you unprecedented visibility into work as it’s getting done. Sights boost organisational speed and performance by giving you and your teams the ability to see more, manage more, and communicate more.
  • Gantt charts: Using interactive Gantt chart capabilities in Smartsheet is a great way to visualise your project. You can customise your chart with conditional formatting to highlight team members’ tasks or indicate status levels with different colours. Turn on critical path to see all the tasks that directly impact your project completion date. Your team or clients will instantly “get it” and understand the tasks and related dependencies.
  • Calendar: Interactive and easily customisable, Smartsheet’s calendar is accessible to any user. You can easily switch to see your project from the familiar grid format to a Gantt chart or a calendar view – whichever you prefer.
  • Mobile: Smartsheet mobile apps let you work from anywhere, any time. Experience the freedom of having full access to your work and get more done when you’re not at your desk.

Access & Support:

  • Apps: Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Integrations: Box, Dropbox, DocuSign, Evernote, Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365, Harvest, iCal, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Tableau, Zapier, 123 ContactForm, Meldium.
  • Support: Email (Basic plan) | Phone (Team plan) | Dedicated Account Manager (Enterprise plan).

Smartsheet Pricing

Basic: £9/user/month; 10 sheets, 50 GB storage | Team: £14/user/month; 150+ sheets, 300 GB storage | Enterprise: single sign-on, live data connector, dedicated account manager.

Payment Discounts: Discounts for annual subscriptions – £7/month for Basic plan, £10/month for Team plan.

Trial/Warranty: 30 day free trial.

Other Costs: None.

Ratings Summary

(4.2/5 from 350 reviews)

Rating score is a weighted average from the following respected sources:

  • G2 Crowd: 4.2/5 from 135 user reviews
  • TrustRadius: 8.1/10 from 89 user reviews
  • Software Advice: 4.1/5 from 48 user reviews
  • Trustpilot: 9.2/10 from 34 user reviews
  • GetApp: 4.4/5 from 23 user reviews
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 from 21 user reviews