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Adobe Stock is a service that provides designers and businesses with access to millions of high-quality curated and royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, and vector graphics for all their creative projects.

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p About Adobe Stock

Adobe is well known for its suite of tools for creatives such as Photoshop, Illustrator and more recently Creative Cloud.

In 2014, Adobe bought Fotolia, a long standing stock photography library to enhance its creative and publishing products. They realised users of their existing products were finding it time consuming visiting a third party stock photography website, needing to download, save and upload images into their suite of tools.

Seeing the gap, Adobe chose Fotolia as their chosen stock photography provider. As Fotolia was already one of the big six stock photography agencies in the world it meant Abode could offer their users quality and quantity right from within the Adobe suite of creative apps. Adobe kept Fotolia going as an independent business and in 2015 rolled out its own stock photography marketplace - Adobe Stock.

Just to be clear though, Adobe Stock is available to anyone, not just those subscribers of other Adobe products. It serves designers and businesses access to more than 55 million high-quality royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, templates, 3D assets and vectors for all of their creative projects.

Even though still in its infancy when compared to some of the long standing players like Shutterstock and iStock, Adobe Stock still generates more than 113 million visits to its website each month. There is speculation that it has the potential to take the lead from Shutterstock as the no 1 site for royalty-free images in the future, thanks to its close ties with photographers and graphic designers who are already using their creative and publishing tools. The creatives are able to sell their photography or graphic design work through the Adobe Stock platform, increasing the assets available.

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Using Adobe Stock

The search facility built into the library is excellent with accurate and useful filters to help you find what you are looking for. The search can even suggest lookalike photos if you aren’t sure the image you have selected is the correct one for you.

Once you have identified an image you can download it to your library to experiment with it before you purchase. If you are using Creative Cloud, you can access Adobe Stock from right within the application. You can navigate your way to the library you have saved the image in and import it into Creative Cloud. From there, you can test the image with all the filters, text and graphics you want to apply and see if the image does the job.

Don’t have Creative Cloud? You can use any photo editing software or online app, such as Canva, and do exactly the same.

Once you are satisfied with your chosen asset, you can purchase it and go live with the project. It’s all very easy and user friendly.

Adobe Stock Licence Types

Like all the other players in the stock photography marketplace, Adobe Stock has its own licensing terms.

Just like Shutterstock, all assets are sold on a royalty-free basis, which means you have permission to use the image worldwide, multiple times in any way you chose. Certain assets might come with a different licence type which limits what you can do with it. The default setting for purchasing assets is their Standard Licence. Adobe Stock offer 3 licence types, in the table below are the restrictions with each:

Standard Licence Enhanced Licence Extended Licence
Create more than 500K copies of the image in print, digital documents, software or by broadcasting it to more than 500,000 viewers. no yes yes
Create products for resale where the main value of the product is the image itself. no no yes


In addition to these licence types, you may see assets which are labelled ‘Editorial Use Only’. These types of assets come with strict limitations:

  • May not be used for commercial purposes such as advertisements, promotions, advertorials, merchandise, etc. - even if you have obtained an extended licence.
  • May be used in any context that is newsworthy or of cultural interest, typically in newspaper or magazine articles, news blogs, or similar event-based media.
  • May not be edited, except for minor adjustments for technical quality or slight cropping or resizing, and only if you maintain the editorial context and meaning of the original.
  • When editorial images are used in print, websites, blogs, and so on, you must include the credit line shown on the site and contained in the IPTC credit line field, i.e. "Agency Name/Author Name -"
  • When images or videos are used in films, TV shows, podcasts, and so on, you must include the credit "Image(s) and/or video(s) used under license from Agency Name/Author Name -"

Adobe pricing

Adobe no longer offers single image purchase. The minimum you can buy is 3 assets/month which costs £17.99/month. Additional single purchases can be made thereafter in the month at a cost of £5.99/asset.

If you are looking for something with higher volume, Adobe offer a monthly subscription for 10 assets/month, 40 assets/month or 750 assets/month. The cost of these can be seen below in our pricing section.

The thing to note here is Adobe Stock offer 10 free images when you sign up for their subscription plans for either 10 or 40 assets/month. You have to sign an annual contract but you can cancel this within the first month and get the assets completely free.

Main benefits of Adobe Stock

  • Comprehensive library of more than 60 million assets to browse through.
  • 10 free images available.
  • Easy to use search facility with custom libraries for storage.
  • Trusted name with creatives.
  • Premium collection available for the ultimate asset to enhance your story.
  • Integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Test drive Adobe Stock today with 10 free images

b Features & Options of Adobe Stock

Purchasing: Adobe Stock single images can be purchased on demand or through a subscription. Subscription plans allow you to choose from 10 downloadable images per month, or up to 750 downloadable images per month. Videos are available for individual purchase only.

With a small subscription plan, which includes 10 images a month, unused downloads carry over to the next month as long as your subscription is active. The carryover limit is 120 downloads. With large subscriptions, which include 750 downloads per month, unused downloads do not roll over.

Premium Collection: The Adobe Stock Premium collection contains thousands of hand-picked images from the portfolios of some of the world’s top photographers. They have the same file types and resolutions as other Adobe Stock images, but have been selected for exceptional content, style and production quality. Images from the Premium collection may only be purchased on-demand; you cannot use a standard licence from your subscription.

Licensing: Adobe Stock assets can be used in any creative project, including print ads, brochures, presentations, posters, book covers, commercials, websites, and annual reports.

You may purchase an extended licence for most Adobe Stock photos, vectors, and illustrations. Extended licences provide unlimited impressions/print runs, and the ability to create derivative products for resale, such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Adobe Stock Pricing

3 standard assets a month

  • Cancel anytime.
  • No annual commitment.
  • Additional standard assets at £5.99.
  • Rollover up to 36 standard assets with renewal.
  • First month free.

10 standard assets a month

£19.99/month – annual commitment.
£29.99/month – month by month.
  • First month free, then £19.99/month.
  • Cancel risk-free within the first month.
  • Additional standard assets at £1.99.
  • Rollover up to 120 standard assets with renewal.
  • First month free.

40 standard assets a month

£47.99/month – annual commitment.
£59.99/month – monthly commitment.
  • Cancel risk-free within the first month.
  • Additional standard assets at £1.19.
  • Rollover up to 480 standard assets with renewal.
  • First month free.

750 standard assets a month

  • Additional standard assets at £0.69.

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