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Alamy is the world's most diverse stock photo collection.

Find everything everyone else has and a whole load more, from the everyday to the niche. Images are sourced from over 60,000 individual photographers and 650 picture agencies from around the world. 100,000 new images added everyday, keeping the collection fresh and up to date.

- Alamy

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p About Alamy

Alamy was founded in 1999, only a few years after the first digital photograph was produced. Created by an uncle and nephew partnership in a business park in Oxford, today Alamy is a major worldwide player in the micro stock photography market with representation in the USA, Germany, India and Australia.

Alamy boasts a library of over 100 million digital assets for you to choose from. The commission they offer to their photographers is one of the fairest in the industry at 50%. In addition they are philanthropists at heart and donate a huge amount of their profits to charity.

In terms of reviews and ratings, they don’t come much higher than Alamy. Their Trustpilot score is 9.2 from 81 reviewers, with 82% of those reviewers awarding the service 5 stars. In particular they are congratulated for their excellent customer service and fantastic photo quality.

On their website too, they offer advice on how to find the right image, what file size you might need, information on licensing and a helpful blog with tips and topical articles.

The collection Alamy has is suitable for a range of uses. Whether you are looking for a great image for a social media post, editorial work or you are a global brand manager, you’ll find an abundant range of quality digital assets at

Alamy also boast images from award winning photographers and specialists in their fields. They have the best creative and editorial imagery and footage from around the world. These come from over 600 agencies and a network of more than 60,000 individuals. 100,000 new images are added every day. Just last year Alamy were selected by Reuters to be their distribution partner offering users of Alamy access to a catalogue of 20 years of news history.

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Alamy Stock Photography Licensing

When you purchase an image from Alamy, you are actually buying the right to use the image, not buying the image itself. These ‘rights’ are acquired through purchasing a licence.

There are two image licence types when you purchase stock photography - rights-managed and royalty-free. The licence type is selected by the photographer and can’t be changed.

A rights-managed photography licence means you only pay for what you are using the image for. Rights managed licences can define how, where and for how long an image is being used. Alamy’s  pricing packages are on a rights-managed basis.

A royalty-free licence is the most flexible and straightforward option. You pay a one off fee to use the asset with no restrictions on how you use the image, or how many times or how many projects. It is yours to do with as you please forever. These licences are more expensive but do offer the flexibility of you being able to do whatever you like with it, with an unlimited timeframe.

You need to make sure you buy the correct licence type for two reasons:

  1. You will have exactly the right permissions to use the image as you wish and making sure you don’t break copyright laws.
  2. You can save money by making sure you get the right licence type. A royalty free image carries a higher price tag but perhaps a rights-managed licence will be everything you need. See our breakdown of Alamy’s pricing packages below.

Alamy Pricing Packages

To make the buying process easier, Alamy offers a selection of popular pricing packages based on the the most bought licences from their customers.

  • Personal use – for personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists, nothing commercial that you plan to sell to anyone.
  • Presentation – for use in slides to support a presentation or talk (e.g. PowerPoint). These images will support the talk you are giving and to illustrate the points you make.
  • Website – for use on websites, blogs, social media and apps. Good for use worldwide of up to 5 years but can’t be used for advertising.
  • Magazines, newsletters and books – use in a digital or print magazine or book with a distribution of 2500 or lower. If you need an image for the front or back cover, or the circulation will be more than 2500, you’ll need a rights-managed licence. This licence is valid worldwide for 5 years.
  • Marketing package: small business (up to 10 employees) – for use in marketing materials, excluding paid-for advertising
  • Marketing package: large business (more than 10 employees) – for use in marketing materials, excluding paid-for advertising
  • Royalty-free (RF) licence - With Royalty-free you pay for the image size you need and you can use the image multiple times. With this option you just need to know the dimensions and resolution of the image you need.
  • Rights-managed (RM) licence - A rights-managed licence (like the packages above) is for you if you know you need to use the image for commercial purposes or have a large print run. You can buy an image exclusively with a rights-managed licence, so you can be sure by using this method your competitors won’t be using the same images as you.

To be sure you are buying the correct licence for your project it is worth contacting their highly acclaimed customer service team for help.

What file types do Alamy provide?

Images are downloaded as JPG files, Vectors are EPS files and footage can be downloaded either SD or HD.

Main benefits of using Alamy

  • Hassle free.
  • Massive library of over 100 million images, vectors and videos.
  • No subscriptions or contracts.
  • Over 100,000 new images added daily.
  • Fantastic customer service.

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b Features & Options of Alamy

Alamy Pricing

How Alamy’s pricing works

The price of an image will depend on what licence type you’re buying and what you’re using the image for. The prices are displayed on each image.

  • If you’re buying an RF image the price will depend on what file size you need.
  • If you’re buying an RM image the price will depend on what you’re using the image for. You can calculate the price using their online calculator.

They also have some packages to help you click and go, these are based on the most popular licenses their customers buy.

Rights Managed

  • Presentation from  – £11.99.
  • Website from  – £17.99.
  • Magazines, newsletters, books from – £39.99.
  • Small business from – £39.99.
  • Large business from – £149.99.

Royalty Free

  • XSmall (72 dpi) – £39.00.
  • Small (72 dpi) – £60.00.
  • Medium (150 dpi) – £140.
  • Large (300 dpi)  – £165.
  • XLarge (300 dpi) – £210.
  • XXLarge (300 dpi) – £255.

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Ratings Summary

(4.6/5 from 81 reviews)

Rating score is a weighted average from the following respected sources:

  • Trustpilot: 9.2/10 from 81 user reviews