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Subscription, Credits

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From £23 for 30 downloads

Perfect images. Successful business.

Depositphotos is a commercial platform that brings authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors and videos together with appreciative buyers. Thanks to the efforts of talented professionals from all over the globe and our world-class technical solutions, we were able to build a perfect place to marry business with creativity.

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p About Depositphotos

Depositphotos is one of the newer large stock photography websites, starting out in 2009. Today it is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale Florida and offers its users more than 60 million royalty-free stock photos, vectors and videos to browse through. They receive around 9 million visits to their website each month.

They are very similar in nature to their competitors Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and 123RF. The assets they sell are sold via a royalty-free licence which means by purchasing from them, you can use your asset multiple times, worldwide with no time limit.

Depositphotos Stock Photography - website homepage

Depositphotos User Experience

Depositphotos has an easy to use interface, where the powerful search delivers you a wide range of options to meet your needs. It has a couple of nice functions like being able to save images to favourites and share this folder with colleagues. They have a cool search by image feature which allows you to either upload an image or input a url pointing to the image and the database will select similar images for you. You can also search by colour, orientation, number of people, contributor and image size. You can even exclude keywords. 

When you are ready to purchase, you need to create a free account with them, subscribe to a payment plan and download your image when you’re ready. It is all very easy and convenient.

Licensing with Depositphotos

There are two types of licence you can purchase through Depositphotos, either standard or extended. A standard royalty-free licence offers you the right to use your chosen image, video or vector unlimited times and without expiry, worldwide. If you need to use an image for commercial purposes or for a print run of more than 500,000 copies you will need an extended licence, available to purchase via the ‘On Demand’ credit payment option.

Depositphoto User Ratings & Reviews

Depositphotos are highly rated receiving a Trustpilot score of 8.3 from 233 reviewers. 83% of these gave the service 4 or 5 stars.

Most of the complaints made were regarding the auto renewal practice that all these sites employ. On purchasing a subscription you will see in your account section that the box is default set to ‘auto renew’ which means if your purchased a plan for one month, it would click over to a second month unless you were to change the default setting. Beware of this trap! As I said it is not just Depositphotos who employ this method, all the big players do.

Depositphotos Support

Depositphotos offer support via Live Chat, email, web ticket form and they also have a UK phone number to call. Their support and customer service has been highly acclaimed on the review sites.

Depositphotos Pricing

Pricing is made via either purchasing a monthly or annual subscription or you can buy On Demand, pay as you go credits. This is to satisfy the needs of high volume users or occasional users, there is something to suit every need and budget.

By paying annually for your subscription, Depositphotos offer a 20% discount on the pay per month price. All subscriptions offer access to any file size.

Their new flexible plan offers 30 image downloads per month with no annual commitment. The price comes in at 75p per image. Should you need more than 30 images in any one month, extras are 82p each. A nice feature of this plan is that unused downloads roll over to the next month.

For higher volume the standard Subscription plan offers 75 downloads/month as their lowest volume, with no daily download limits. This is the same price per image at 76p but you have a higher download limit than on the flexible plan with all 75 images costing 76p rather than increasing to 82p after the first 30.

If you need to purchase an extended licence for print runs of more than 500,000 copies or for commercial use, you will need to purchase via the ‘On Demand’ payment plan, as the subscription services offer you just access to the standard licence. ‘On Demand’ packages start from 10 images and expire within 12 months.

Benefits of using Depositphotos

  • Over 60 million assets to browse through.
  • 20% discount on yearly plans.
  • Free images and vectors every week.
  • Images start from 76p each.

Visit Depositphotos now to discover 60,000 royalty free assets

b Features & Options of Depositphotos


  • Photos: High-quality stock photos to help bring your ideas to life.
  • Vectors: Scalable graphics and illustrations for your designs.
  • Editorial: Images for news publications.

Video Footage

  • SD, HD and Ultra HD formats.
  • Over 2.5 million clips available.
  • Each clip around 60 seconds.
  • Used commercially or for advertising.

Depositphotos Pricing

Photo and vector pricing

Subscription Plans

  • 75 images £ 57/month or £574/year on annual contract.
  • 150 images£ 81/month or £ 821/year on annual contract.
  • 750 images£ 163/month or £ 1,642/year on annual contract.

Flexible Plan

  • 30 images/month £23/month or £245/year on annual contract.
  • Annual contract saves 20% over the pay monthly price.

On Demand Credits

Standard Licence Extended Licence
10 images £40 1 image £73
25 images £81 5 images £295
100 images £246 25 images £1314


Video Pricing

SD 240p 480p
1 video £16 £32
5 video £57 £114
25 video £262 £533


HD 720p 1080p
1 video £48 £57
5 videos £196 £237
25 videos £944 £1,149


Ultra HD 4K
1 video £139
5 videos £599
25 videos £2,875

Ratings Summary

(4.3/5 from 233 reviews)

Rating score is a weighted average from the following respected sources:

  • Trustpilot: 8.3/10 from 233 user reviews
  • BusinessKitbag: 4.5/5 from 1 expert review