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When words can't say it, Fotolia can

Fotolia is a world-leading image bank, providing instant access to over 58 million images, vectors, illustrations and video clips, to ensure you'll always find the one you need. Join more than 6 million people worldwide who already enhance their websites, brochures, reports and slides with affordable, royalty-free images, graphics and videos from Fotolia.

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p About Fotolia

Since 2004 Fotolia has been curating its collection of royalty-free stock photography assets which today stands at a huge 90 million downloadable digital images, vectors, illustrations and videos.

Fotolia was purchased by Adobe in 2015, and has been integrated into the Creative Cloud suite. Adobe has also retained Fotolia as a stand-alone business and in addition created their own stock photography marketplace Adobe Stock.

Nonetheless, Fotolia has continued to thrive with more than 6 million customers per year choosing to purchase their storytelling images though

Fotolia website homepage

Fotolia user experience

Fotolia has an easy to use interface with powerful search engine to help you locate exactly what you need. You can download a watermarked version of your image and experiment with it before you commit to purchase.

Aside from grouping assets into file types, ie, images, vectors, videos, they have organised their images into three collections.

Fotolia Collections

Their Core Collection is the most affordable and is a collection of amateur photography, hence the low price tag. They do have strict submission guidelines to exclude any low quality images.

Next is their Infinite Collection which is their premium collection, sourced from the best photo agencies in the world.

They also have their Instant Collection which is a tribute to spontaneity and creativity. Here you will find one of kind pictures, spanning  a whole spectrum of emotions, capturing life as it happens.

Licensing options from Fotolia

Fotolia has 2 licensing choices. All images are default set to Standard, which being royalty-free means you have the right to use the image anytime, worldwide on multiple projects. They also offer an ‘Extended’ licence, the differences are:

Standard licence

Content can be used for any illustrative purpose in any type of media with no expiry date or geographical limitation.

  • Used for web/electronic uses such as websites, banners, newsletters, PDFs, blog, email and presentations.
  • Used for printed material such as magazine articles, books, advertising, brochures, booklets and business cards.

The use of an image with a standard licence is limited to 500,000 print runs.

Extended licence

Carries all the same benefits as the Standard licence but allows you to do print runs of more than 500,000. You can use the asset for products or services intended for resale or distribution.

  • Good for merchandise or book publishing of more than 500,000 copies.

This table helps explain which size image you will need, for what use and how many credits you can expect to pay:

Size Size in px Typical use Price in credits Subscription Price
XS 400 x 300 Small web / phone 1 0.5 downloads
S 800 x 600 Web / Tablet 3 0.5 downloads
M 1600 x 1200 Web or small print (half A4) 6 0.5 downloads
L 2400 x 1600 Print full page (A4) 8 1 downloads
XL 3100 x 2500 Big print (A3) 10 1 downloads
XXL 5000 x 3000 HD, poster, editing 12 1 downloads


Fotolia Pricing

Fotolia’s stock photography offering is high quality and there is plenty to select from. When you work out the price per image it is very affordable, and like most other providers you find the cheapest per-image price with the highest volumes.

Fotolia offer two purchasing options: Credits for low volume requirements and monthly or daily subscriptions for high volume requirements. They have priced their product in this way to be able to cater for everyone, but it is somewhat confusing.

The credit packs are available in sizes of 10-9,400. With these credit packs you have one year to use them all before they expire and they can be applied against all digital assets in any size or format. Subject to your requirements, one asset can cost 1 credit or 30 depending on what size, file type and licence you buy.

Monthly Subscriptions

The monthly subscription packages come in different sizes ranging from 10M or 5XXL assets to 2,000M or 1,000XXL assets. The pricing depends on how many months you commit for. If you commit for a full year this attracts a 15% discount over the 1 month price.

In addition to this, the price per month changes if you alter the number of users. The default setting is one user however if you select the other option of 3 users, this increases the price per month also. Your quota will roll over to the next month as long as your account is active or your subscription renewed.

Don’t get caught out! Subscriptions are set to Auto Renew, to ensure you get continuation of service, so make sure you change this setting if you don’t want to get charged for subsequent months.

Daily Subscriptions

The daily subscription is not charged daily. The daily part comes in with the download limits per day which is 25XXL images. You need to commit to a month of 25/day which Fotolia charges at 750XXL assets per month and works out at around 20p each. Unused quota can not be carried forward to the next day.

If you commit to a full year you receive a 15% discount on the per month price and it means you have access to 9,125XXL images per year (the limit of 25/day still applies). This works out at around 15p per image. Single user plans only are offered.

With the monthly subscription plans, there is no access to the premium images, no video is included and all images are under the Standard licence.

Fotolia support

Fotolia have a local UK number you can call for help with selecting your package or if you need advice on licensing. They also have a web request form and can be contacted by email.

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b Features & Options of Fotolia

Advanced File Search: Use the Fotolia search engine to find your perfect stock photo or browse our collections of photos, illustrations, vector graphics and videos to find the inspiration you need.

File Size and Licenses: Choose between our Standard License and Extended License for the appropriate licensing option according to how you’re planning to use your files. Then simply select the file size you need from web to high resolution.

Flexible Purchasing Options: Choose between our Credit bundles, our Monthly Packs or Daily Subscription Plans for the option that fits your stock photo needs. Buying pictures has never been so easy!

Easy Payment Options: Pay using the method that suits you – Fotolia accepts credit cards, PayPal and local payment providers or you can pay for your Credits, Monthly Packs and Daily Subscriptions by wire transfer.

Fotolia Pricing

On Demand Credit Packs

  • 10 credits – £10.20.
  • 26 credits – £25.50.
  • 54 credits – £51.
  • 112 credits – £102.
  • 290 credits – £255.
  • 610 credits – £510.

Monthly Pack Subscription

  • £16/month – 10 M or 5 XXL images.
  • £26/month – 20 M / 10 XXL.
  • £48/month – 50 M / 25 XXL.
  • £64/month – 100 M / 50 XXL.
  • £96/month – 200 M / 100 XXL.

Annual plan discounts are available for Subscription plans.

Daily Subscription

  • £149/month – 25 XXL images/day.
  • £290/month – 50/day.
  • £561/month – 100/day.

Ratings Summary

(3.45/5 from 2 review)

Rating score is a weighted average from the following respected sources:

  • Trustpilot: 6.1/10 from 1 user review
  • Review Centre: 4/5 from 1 user review
  • BusinessKitbag: 4.5/5 from 1 expert review